Gift Planning: Life Income Gifts

Gift Annuity

Make a gift and receive payments in return. That's a WUSF Charitable Gift Annuity. Gift annuities are particularly attractive to people who want to trade volatile investments for the security and simplicity of guaranteed lifetime income.

You can secure guaranteed income for your life (and another person's, if you wish). Your gift and a simple agreement are all that are needed. Fixed rates of return are determined by your age at the time you make your gift. In addition to a charitable income tax deduction, a portion of the payments are tax-free. If appreciated assets like stock are used to fund a Gift Annuity, capital gains taxes are substantially reduced.


Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a powerful tool to achieve your financial, tax and charitable goals. Trusts are flexible enough to provide retirement income for you, or an inheritance income to your children or heirs. Right away, the donor will enjoy valuable charitable income tax deductions and avoid capital gains tax on appreciated assets.

In future years, charitable trusts can be invested so the income received is tax-free. Trusts can also accept complex assets like real estate or business entities. Depending on your needs, Charitable Trusts can fluctuate with investment markets or be fixed to provide steady, predictable income. When the trust terminates, a substantial contribution will support the programming and mission of WUSF.


Charitable Lead Trust

Transferring large estates to children or heirs can incur punishing taxes. A Charitable Lead Trust can reduce estate taxes by making annual gifts from the trust to WUSF, and then distributing the trust proceeds to children or heirs. The gifts made annually to WUSF during the life of the trust result in substantial tax savings on the inheritance. Lead trusts can consistently provide several years of important funding for station programming and public service.