WUSF Kids: Frequently Asked Questions

Why kids?
While WUSF‐TV has been on‐the‐air more than 40 years, the station has never had the opportunity to fully serve the youngest in our community. Now with four digital channels, the station has the ability to provide more educational programming than ever before.
The station signed on in 1966 with a mission to provide college telecourses for the University of South Florida and its growing student population. The station still provides this service, but now also offers educational programming for the very young as well as lifelong learners.
Why now?
With the advent of digital television, WUSF has the capacity to operate four individual streams of programming. WUSFKids offers children and their parents the only over‐the‐air 24/7 public television kids’ channel in the Tampa/St. Petersburg market.
How is it different from other kids’ channels?
WUSFKids offers familiar PBS favorites like Sesame Street, Curious George, and Arthur. But the channel also provides new and unique series such as The Zula Patrol, Angelina Ballerina, and Ribert and Robert’s Wonderworld. These programs are distributed by American Public Television, public television’s largest source of programming after PBS, and are unique to WUSFKids.
Where can you find WUSFKids?
Over‐the‐air: Channel 16.2
On cable: Bright House: Channel 617 | Verizon FiOS: Channel 473 | Comcast: Channel 205


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